Let’s talk about money

  1. Investment comes in a lot of different forms and format. Some of instruments are shares, properties, trust, endowments, forex, gold, watches, luxuries, wine, whisky, antiques, trading cards, bitcoin, shoes — jordans especially, lottery, toys and alot more
  2. Some would call it investment, trading or even gambling…


Wondered what to write so I posted out in IG for my next topic. Two reply came back, one was what I do at night. The other one was Change Agent: ECom in the SEA of blue — this was from Alfred (Group CD…

Marketplaces vs brand.com an eCommerce Perspective

Again this article got nothing to do with whoever I’m employed with in the past, present or future. Solely my own thoughts after a refreshing Friday morning run.

1. Recent conversation with associates brought me to write about this topic.

2. Marketplaces here refer…

Let’s talk about marriage and kids today, one of the topics less discussed. Below are my own opinion no offence to any humans, animals, insects or aliens

1. After marriage life was so easy going, I remember watching HK dramas everyday and eating in front of the TV. …

This post is purely my own opinion and not related to any organization I’ve worked for in the past, present or future

I was asked my opinion of what the future for eCommerce and digital will be.

1. eCommerce — Ali, Tencent, Amazon, JD, Walmart, Shopee, Lazada, Naver

2. Payment/wallet…

Daniel Yeo

Digital, eCommerce, IT and Marketing is my rice bowl

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